Bar Stools


We typically make our barstool at 30" tall, but we also offer it at counter height or chair height.  The only difference is we add an extra foot rest on our 30" tall version.  The grate at the bottom does come in handy and the metal frames can be painted any color you can think of.  We also offer these for outdoor seating as well.  We galvanize the frame and use a wood suitable to hold up outside.  Reach out with any barstool ideas you have and we look forward to connecting.


Above and below is our barstool with a white frame and walnut seats.

Photo-Seth Boor

Above are galvanized frames with maple seats for Dear Inga in San Francisco.  Below is a nice green frame and an example of the extra foot rest we offer at 30" height.

Below is the galvanized frame we offer for outdoor use.  Pretty indestructible weather wise and looks good to boot.  


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