Counter Stools



Our counter stools are typically offered at 25" total height.  We do accommodate all different heights if you have a unique counter or just looking for something custom.  The steel frames can be powder coated most any color you can dream up and the wood we offer in a handful of species.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Looking forward to hearing form you.



Above and below is our wood laminated counter stool with spinning seat.  We wanted to make a wooden stool that could hold up to a lot of use and remind us of feeling or style from long ago.  Fair warning kids love to spin on these and it frustrates their parents when they ignore there food.


Below is our barstools we offer at 30" barstool height or any height under.  Typically we do these at 25" tall for home countertops.  

Above and below is our counter stools with laminated seats and backrest.  Above is a nice dark saturated blue frame with Walnut seat and back.  Below is a good example of the rainbow of colors possible with these frames.

Below is a close up of a walnut seat on our barstool.  These measure just a tad over an inch in thickness.

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